Brief Online Profile Of Broadway Play Reviewer

Broadway play reviews

Broadway is of course a famous strip located within New York City, the world-famous city that never sleeps. Broadway is of course famous for the hosting of numerous plays, musicals and cabarets. Ensuring that the art reaches the ears and eyes of the local theater-going public, as well as those who would care to visit from other parts of the country and indeed, the rest of the world, is the ongoing online publication of regular Broadway play reviews.

Such play reviews are edited by a native New Yorker no less. Living, working and playing in New York for the better part of her life, she is also worldly-wise. Let’s just say that she is broadly traveled. Travel also broadens the mind, not so? The Broadway play reviewer also has an interest in music and the movies. And the coincidence of it all is that it is not unusual for many a famous actor or actress from Hollywood to be appearing in a Broadway production.

An astute Broadway reviewer also has a sound knowledge of the history of theater, as well as the cabaret or the burlesque as it is also known. The reviewer of prominence is also able to interview the performers and inspect their stagecraft. The seasoned reviewer of plays, musicals, cabarets and movies also finds her work published in major city newsprints and theater magazines. A good reviewer must also be good with words.

A broad knowledge of other areas of everyday life is also essential to do justice to the theater reviews. Not having an intimate knowledge of cultural history may put a damper on the spirit of the review. And of course, the reputable reviewer should not be afraid to mince her words when it becomes necessary for her to become critical.