Memorial Portrait Painting For The Ages

Instead of taking so-called selfies or gathering everyone together for a so-called pic, to be snapped by you on your ‘smart’ mobile, why not do this? Gather them all together for their family portrait painting. To argue or not to argue; that is the question. The tendency is to forget those pics recorded on your mobile. There is this habit of going into overload. Taken just for gimmick’s sake, far too many of those low quality pictures taken at random will quickly be forgotten.

family portrait painting

What happens when the gimmick loses its shine. But when a family portrait painting is taken, no one is likely to forget for as long as they are on god’s given earth. Because by the time the paint is dry and the portrait has been smartly framed, it is placed in a prominent position on the wall of the hallway or on a living room mantelpiece. Whoever walks through the hallway, whoever is seated in the living room, whether a family member or a guest, is always going to see that portrait.

Years later memories will flow back. A portrait sitting can be taken for the single individual. Proud parents usually like to have portraits done of their young children. But getting these children to sit still may have been quite another matter. But no matter. It is not as though the young children are going to be kept on their stools for hours on end while the artist paints. This is a technique that the busy artist deploys on behalf of his busy patrons.

He will take a quick pencil impression of those seated before him. He may even take photographs. And then he will return to his easel of oils and the canvass in front of himÂ…